17 11, 2016

Golf Talk Live! Radio Show with Special Guest Dr. Frank Fornari

  BioMech CEO Dr. Frank Fornari joined host Ted Odorico on Golf Talk Live! to discuss science & technology's impact on golf. Here's an excerpt from the show... "As we understand more about physiology [...]

8 11, 2016

GOLF.com: The Techy Awards: The Best Golf Technology Breakthroughs of 2016

— Michael Chwasky GOLF's annual celebration of the best of the game's technology breakthroughs—The Techy Awards!—are back with big news... Techiest Golf App: BioMech Golf App & Putting Sensor (*Scheduled Release Jan. 2017) Read full article [...]

10 08, 2016

Golf Life: BioMech Sports Bringing Science to Putting

— Bryan McLean, Golf Life Contributor

25 06, 2016

GolfWRX: Would You Use BioMech’s AccuLock Putter?

— Ben Alberstadt What happens when a biomedical company designs a putter “from the body out,” applying years of biomechanics knowledge to the most frustrating component of golf? Well, this... Read more  

23 06, 2016

ESPN Radio Pittsburgh Golf Page: Interview w/Frank Fornari, PhD. CEO of BioMech Sports

Recorded segment of ESPN Radio Pittsburgh's Golf Page with Gerry Dulac and BioMech CEO and PA native Dr. Fornari, discussing golf, equipment and game improvements on the prime-time golf radio show.

2 06, 2016

BioMech Expands Distribution in Europe

Warwick, Rhode Island, USA (June 2, 2016) – BioMech Golf Equipment, a division of BioMech Sports, today announces expanded distribution across Europe through a partnership with SnapHook.Golf, a UK-based golf retailer and distributor. […]

25 05, 2016

Dr. Frank Fornari interview with Françoise Rhodes of Golf is a Four Letter Word.

18 05, 2016

Men’s Journal: The Best New Golf Clubs

— Nicholas McClelland A group of new drivers, irons, and putters with better designs and materials increase consistency and power — and fix specific flaws in your golf game. Read full Men's Journal article    

4 05, 2016

GOLFBIZ.NET: More Than One Way to Skin a Cat

— Terry McAndrew, Web Street Golf Daily Pulse VOLUME 6, NUMBER 88                                                          Wednesday, May 4, 2016 ...Unfortunately for many recreational players, golf is often Einstein’s definition of madness: Doing the same thing over and over again [...]

30 04, 2016

Dr. Fornari on The 19th Hole Golf Radio Show on CBS Radio DC

  Audio: Dr. Frank Fornari, CEO and Founder of BioMech, speaks with radio host Michael Willams about science, technology and health, and their impact on golf.    

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